My Dirty Pastime

Melissa Moore used to webcam a lot when she was in college to earn a little extra cash, but after getting a steady job, she doesn’t need to anymore. The problem is that she really starts to miss it, so she decides to have a little fun… Her sexy roommate is a member of a number of hot adult sites, and when he catches her in the act, he doesn’t waste any time getting in on a slice of the action.

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Today's Special

You’ve never been a big fan of the menu at this restaurant, but you don’t come here for the food, do you? You show up to see the hostess with the mostess, Melissa Moore! Today you’re ordering off the menu. The special of the day is a sloppy blowjob entree, followed by a generous main course of tight pussy fucking, then it’s all rounded off with a sweet dessert, a hot cumshot right on Melissa’s pretty face! (Video duration: 32 minutes)

Today's Special

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Diary of a Nanny

How many times have you hoped and prayed that your hot-ass nanny would accidentally walk in on you while you’re naked and alone in the bedroom? Today’s your lucky day! Melissa Moore thinks she’s at the house alone, just doing her job, when she stumbles into her boss’ bedroom with the laundry basket and sees his big dick in her face! Melissa’s boss consoles her to make it not weird and awkward, and then just takes it ten degrees higher by seducing her! The horny young nanny welcomes his hard dick in her mouth, and then rides his cock like it’s party of her nannying duties!

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Dirty Wives Club

Hungover again. So it goes for Melissa Moore‘s husband, following a night of hard partying once more with his college bro Lucas who’s been crashing at their pad for way too long. His bored wife is over it, so she takes matters into her own hands and gets all gussied up in stockings and sexy red lingerie and heels, then creeps into the room where Lucas is slumbering. And she’s not bringing him coffee to wake him up! No, Melissa slips her warm hand down under the bed sheet and gives Lucas the wake-up call of his life! He can’t believe his friend’s wife is all over his dick, but he’s not about to pass up a hot opportunity like that. She fucks him, then sucks him, until he busts his nut all over her face, and then she tells him to get the fuck out of her house!

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The House Appraiser

Melissa Moore just got out of class and got home to see her dad in a meeting with the house appraiser, Jessy. She was all about him and started flirting with him right away. She was even reaching for his dick when her father was on a phone call. She excused herself and went to her bedroom where she was quick to jump in bed and start fingering her already soaking pussy. Jessy in the meantime was already going around inspecting the house and taking pictures when he ran into her spread eagle on the bed. He took his phone out and snapped some pics before she spotted him, dragged him in the room, and started downing his cock like she was starving. He was scared they would get caught, but Melissa couldn’t care less as she sucked his dick while he hid from her father’s sight. Don’t miss this hottie sucking and fucking like a real champ, smoking hot!

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