Monthly Archives: December 2015

Work Of Art

It’s always fun to walk around the streets asking girls if they will show us what’s under their skirts for some cash. Eventually, we found our girl and this hottie really got into it when she saw all the bills Kylie had in hand. We got her to full on masturbation mode in the back alley! Then it was time for art class and we made sure this one included a live nude model. Not just any model but the amazing Melissa Moore! She turned out to be quite the star and took control by fucking like a rock star!

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Give Me Moore

It was early in the morning when Melissa Moore gave us a special surprise. She was so fucking hot I almost forget to ask what she wanted (yeah stupid question). Well, after greeting her, I asked who sent her, and none other than Jesse spread the word to her. I could imagine Jesse telling her about the debauchery that went on at the CumFiesta house. After getting all of that out of the way, I took Melissa to the back room where shit was about to get real. Let’s just say Melissa’s pussy had never taken such a pounding!

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Big Dick in a Little Box

Wee little slut Melissa Moore is on the move! Ever the trooper, Melissa won’t let the seemingly endless hassle of packing and boxing get her down. That’s because she’s got a special helper named Jessy Jones. What makes him so special? Why, it’s his massive Johnson of course. Turns out these two fuck machines are made for each other! Not only do they both have names that sound like the civilian identities of second-tier comic book superheroes, they both crave the illicit pleasures of furious and forbidden afternoon fuck sessions.


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