Monthly Archives: March 2017

The House Appraiser

Melissa Moore just got out of class and got home to see her dad in a meeting with the house appraiser, Jessy. She was all about him and started flirting with him right away. She was even reaching for his dick when her father was on a phone call. She excused herself and went to her bedroom where she was quick to jump in bed and start fingering her already soaking pussy. Jessy in the meantime was already going around inspecting the house and taking pictures when he ran into her spread eagle on the bed. He took his phone out and snapped some pics before she spotted him, dragged him in the room, and started downing his cock like she was starving. He was scared they would get caught, but Melissa couldn’t care less as she sucked his dick while he hid from her father’s sight. Don’t miss this hottie sucking and fucking like a real champ, smoking hot!

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